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liner is a type of fabric that is used as a backing material for drapery or curtains. The liner is usually made from a heavier and more opaque material than the drapery fabric itself, and it is designed to provide additional benefits such as insulation, light control, and protection from fading.

Homerillas provides 2 types of drapery liner options.



Not recommended normally, except for sheer and functional blackout curtain.

You don't expect a blackout effect and hope some sunlight pass through the curtain fabric in the daytime.


Blackout Liner

Ideal to block sunlight - making it easier to sleep no matter how bright the sun shines.

• 100% polyester 220 gsm weight
• Greyish white finish standard
• Block out 90-95% of sun light
• Gives drapery more body and fullness
• Moderate protection from sunlight damage
• Make back side of drapery smooth and clean
• Crease, water and stain resistant
• Protects face fabric from harmful UV rays
• Reduce energy costs by insulating windows from heat loss in the cool months, and heat transfer from the outside through the summer months
• Moderate noise insulation