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LILLE Grommet Polyester Linen Drape


This home decor style brings warmth, calmness, softness, elegance, comfort, and luxury to living spaces. Its crisp, neutral shades create a bright and inviting atmosphere while still maintaining privacy.

  • Made- to-order.
  • Made of a blend of 90% polyester and 10% linen, which gives them a slub texture that is both eco-friendly and colorfast.
  • Both the front and back of our panels have the same texture and color.
  • Offering a variety of hanging header styles that can be customized to fit your rods or tracks.
  • With a custom width range of 18-240 inches and a custom length range of 30-236 inches.
  • Heavyweight 350 gsm faux linen material unlined, with various optional liners.
  • 38 different color options to choose from.
  • Fabric is 112 inches wide.

If the finished length of the curtain with grommet header style is greater than 102 inches, then the maximum finished width of a single curtain without a seam is 106 inches. However, if the curtain length is less than or equal to 102 inches, then there should be no seam for any finished curtain width.

In all other cases, the width of the curtain should be double the regular width, and a vertical seam is required.


The curtain can be hand washed, and is gentle cycle machine washable in warm or cold water. Avoid using hot water. It should be dried on low heat or dried naturally. If it is still damp, iron it to remove creases and wrinkles. Wipe clean, dry clean, and avoid bleaching in case of discoloring and weakening the fibers. Avoid twisting or scrubbing linen fabric in case of damaging the fibers.


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Why Choose Heavyweight Lille Collection Drapery?

Natural Fiber + Slub Texture + Neutral tone + Various Header + Functional Liners + Made-To-Measure


Soft, heavy, luxurious drape, brings both neutral casual warmth and refined style to the room

LILLE Polyester Linen Drape

Crafted from a blend of 90% polyester and 10% linen, these curtains exude a sense of warmth, tranquility, neutrality, softness, elegance, comfort, and luxury that elevates the ambiance of any home. The curtains feature crisp neutral shades that brighten up your living spaces without compromising your privacy.

What sets these curtains apart is their ability to absorb up to 20% of dampness without feeling wet. They are naturally resistant to mildew and antimicrobial, making them a perfect choice for treating your windows if you reside in a humid climate. In addition, they possess natural thermo-regulatory properties that enable them to withstand heat.

One of the main advantages of linen curtains is their ability to prevent dust from accumulating in your rooms. They are highly resistant to dirt and boast exceptional filtering capabilities, which filter dust and pathogenic bacteria.

Linen curtains have a unique stubby texture that feels satisfying to the touch, inviting you to gaze at them all day. Furthermore, these curtains become softer with every wash, providing a lasting softness that only improves over time.


Linen is a preferred option for maintaining a cool environment in bedrooms, as its moisture-wicking ability is highly valued. This fabric is especially favored in warm climates and during the summer months, making it a popular choice for drapery.

Furthermore, linen is known for its exceptional softness that only improves with each wash, and its construction allows for optimal ventilation, preventing sun damage and promoting coolness. This quality also makes it ideal for people with sensitive skin or allergies, as linen is a natural fiber that does not encourage bacterial growth and is gentle on the skin. Hence, it is an excellent choice for individuals who are prone to allergies.

Customer Reviews

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Great product and outstanding customer service !

I was having such a hard time finding extra long curtains so I took a chance and ordered these in the natural colour. They are really lovely. Not super sheer and let in just a little light which makes the room feel so cozy. Great quality and they hang so nicely.
I would definately buy these again.